ABOUT Eric J. Erickson

Why elect Eric Erickson?

In short, he is a ”doer!”
He is passionate about getting things done !

Eric Erickson was born and raised in Spokane, Washington. He is the 4th of 5 children of Dr. Mayo & Elaine Erickson. His father served in WWII as an Army Captain and dentist. Eric had a passion for learning many subject areas in school and in fact, besides attending night law school for 4 years, attended graduate architectural urban design school at the University of Michigan, as well as studied emergency medicine in the Army . In 1991 upon graduation from law school, with the Persian Gulf War going on, he felt compelled to serve his country on the front lines before settling down with his career.

Military Orders landed Eric at the Eisenhower Army Medical Center in Ft. Gordon, Georgia as a combat medic and later as a physician assistant. He helped treat over 20,000 patients during that time while serving in the ER and on the Trauma Unit teams from 1992-1996

After an Honorable discharge from the Army in 1996 Eric decided to make South Carolina his Home. He opened his own law practice In Beaufort in 1998 after serving as an Assistant Public Defender and with George Sink injury lawyers. Eric has been living in Beaufort County ever since.

Eric Erickson